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Gesture Drawing

by world renowned artist Warren Louw

Spanning 8 chapters, you'll improve your gesture drawing abilities through tutorials and indepth practical assignments by the award winning artist Warren Louw.

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What our students are saying

Jose Hut

I've been backing 21 Draw ever since their first awesome book back in 2014, and these new courses don't fail to deliver. Awesome content! Keep it up guys.

Anna-Lucia Stone

I'm half-way through the 'Perspective and Form' homework and am really amazed at the change in my confidence already. I'm seeing improvements in my technique from every session.


Great news, 21 draw University just opened it's gates! I'm super excited and eager to learn. Thanks for all your hard work and for bringing this knowledge to us!

Learn from the Best!

Our instructors are some of the best in the industry! They take pride in crafting these courses for you and have worked for companies like Disney, Marvel, Dreamworks, DC and more.



David Rosel

Kenneth Anderson

Loopy Dave

Loopy Dave

“ Excellent products from a stunning variety of top-notch artists. You will gain much from their study.”
Steve Rude
Comic Book Legend
"The lineup is fantastic - full of artists who's work I admire. Very excited to be part of this new project!"
Loopy Dave
Professional Illustrator
"The lineup of talent in this project is awesome! I'm so happy to be part of it."
Warren Louw
Renowned Digital Artist

Why Choose Us?


Most other online tutorials are limited. One artist showing their approach to a particular subject. In our university you'll get to compare how different artists approach the same design brief, showing you that there is more than one way of doing things. This is vital because it helps you to find your OWN voice and OWN style! We believe this is one of the most important and most overlooked areas in art learning!

Learn By Doing

Build a portfolio of projects that showcase the skills you gain, helping you reach your artistic goals! In the majority of our courses you will complete assignments before moving on to your next lesson. These assignments are specifically designed to help you remember the contents of the lesson and encourage you to use what you've learned as you become a better artist. YOU will learn by doing :)

Real World Briefs

In our courses you'll follow along with the artists as they complete real world briefs. For example, in the creature design course you'll follow along as Loopy Dave and Kenneth Anderson design the scene of "a crocodile at the dentist" for an imaginary client. This will give you different approaches in the vast world of creature design and will also give you a major insights into how the industry actually works!

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