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Gesture Drawing

by world renowned artist Warren Louw

Warren Louw

8+ hours

In 8 Chapters spanning over 8 hours of incredible content, Warren teaches you the fundamentals of gesture drawing where you'll learn all his tips and secrets.

bonus content

You also get a BONUS 1 hour tutorial from the incredible illustrator David Rosel, allowing you to compare these 2 master artists.

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You get lifetime access to the Gesture drawing masterclass. No long-term subscription needed! You learn at your own pace anytime, anywhere.

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Course Outline

Lesson 1: Flow

Starting off we get into building your awareness of flow. This is your most basic foundation and most important gesture fundamental.

Lesson 2: Contrapposto

Cranking the simplicity up a notch you'll learn about counter angles within flow and how that can bring so much more life into your gestures.

Lesson 3: Perspective and Form

Being aware of where your viewpoint is coming from is critically important. We get into defining your perspective and how that affects the forms of your gestures.

Lesson 4: Forshortening and Angles

Taking part 3 further, we look at more advanced versions of perspective and fine tune your awareness of working with angles.

Lesson 5: Dynamic Flow

The Flow Continues. Now that you are becoming more familiar with gestures, we return to flow basics to build our awareness even further.

Lesson 6: Alternate Ways to Flow

The Flow Continues. Lastly we now focus on various ways to do studies through different techniques to expand your horizons and gain a greater feeling for flow.

Lesson 7: Aphrodite Demo

Now you get to enjoy a time lapsed video of my interpretation of the goddess, Aphrodite, completed in 9 hours 59 minutes.

Lesson 8:

In this lesson, you'll get to see how David Rosel takes the same Aphrodite brief and interprets it in a totally different way to Warren, creating a really cool design in his own unique style.

What our students are saying


Thank you for making these courses. I've learned a ton of new tricks from Warren Louw's course in particular. I've only taken 3 courses so far but I'm already improving my skills.


Loving this new course. I'm pretty new to drawing but these lessons are helping me find my way. The classes and assignments are well thought out and easy to follow.

Downloadable Worksheets & Photo References!

With each purchase you'll get downloadable tutorial sheets, references and final drawings. You can use these as you follow along with your instructors, helping you get the most of of the lessons!

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About our instructors!

Warren Louw:

Warren is one of the most celebrated artists from South Africa. Well recognised for his mastery of renditions of beautiful women and a perfectionist in his illustrations, he is highly sought after and has worked for clients such as ImagineFX, DC Comics, Udon Entertainment, Bandai Namco, and many others.

David Rosel:

David is an exceptional illustrator and painter from Barcelona. His experience and hard work have earned him a unique skill set. He has an uncanny ability to switch his styles up, making him a rare breed of illustrator who can conjure up any scene he wants out of thin air.

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