21 Draw University | Creature Design

Creature Design

Course Summary: In this course you'll learn about creature anatomy, the importance of story telling and loads more! But the coolest part of the course is that you'll get to see how Loopy Dave and Kenneth Anderson approach a real life brief of a croc going to a the dentsit from initial concept to final polished image. This will allow you to compare the methods of 2 professional artists on the same brief helping you find your own style whilst learning all the tips and tricks from these 2 master artists!

Duration: 7 Hours

Course Outline:

Lesson 1 - Introduction Welcome to the tutorial! A quick rundown of the brief.

Lesson 2 - Brushes An overview of the main brushes I used in this process. Lesson 3 - Blending modes and layers How I use layers to start building up light, shade and colour. 

Lesson 4 - Texture Using texture effectively to lead the eye and sell a design.

Lesson 5 - Tone / value The importance of tone/value to an illustration and how I use it to my advantage.

Lesson 6 - Shape Using shape language to create a character design with unity.

Lesson 7 - Silhouette The importance of a strong silhouette when designing characters.

Lesson 8 - Story Using story to sell personality and bring life to an illustration.

Lesson 9 - Reference How I use reference to kick start the creation process and fill in gaps in my knowledge.

Lesson 10 - The process - thumbnails Starting with thumbnails, how I start to figure out my creature design.

Lesson 11 - The process - painting Using the thumbnail of my choice I start to paint it up.

Lesson 12 - Work in progress review I take a step back and evaluate my image so far - is it working effectively?

Lesson 13 - Painting continues Using the notes from before, I continue painting.

Lesson 14 - Final thoughts I look at my final image and review the concepts used in its creation.

Loopy Dave

Loopy Dave is a one of a kind illustrator hailing from Australia. He has an instantly recognizable style, matching wit and mastery of craft to create awesome tutorials that teach and entertain all on one.