21 Draw University | Creating a male superhero

Creating a Male Superhero

Instructor: Tom Bancroft

Duration: 50 minutes

In this stand alone lesson, you'll learn the basics of how to create an animation style male superhero character using traditional media. This lesson is suitable for begineers as well as advanced students who need some refreshing. 

Part 1: After a brief introduction, I'll give you some things to think about before you start to build your male superhero. I'll start off by showing you how to create rough skectches of a normal porportion male, and then briefly discuss the differences in porportion to the superhero body type. I'll outline my idea of the "lightbulb" that I use to show you how to build the core of the body and explain how this can be manipulated to create different body positions. 

Part 2: Next, you'll learn a number of different superhero body types, from a slim "flash" type character up to a muscluar suerohero type. You'll learn how to use different shapes to create these body types. I'll show you how to select a particular body type and start to work with that to create a final design. 

Part 3: You'll also learn about movement and different types of dynamic posing, as well as making sure the silhouette of your character is exciting. I'll also briefly discuss things like clothing and accessories and some important things to keep in mind when you add them to your character. Finally, you'll learn how to take your final character and create some clean lines helping you to prepare your character for photoshop and coloring.

Tom Bancroft

Tom Bancroft is a Disney animator from the Long Beach, California area who is best known for his creation of the Mulan character, Mushu. He stayed with Disney for about thirteen years, working on approximately nine features until he left in 2000. He is mainly a character designer and animator for various companies, but Disney has been his main art-related job. He is currently working with fellow Disney alum and friend Rob Corley in the Funnypages Productions in Florida. He also has a brother, Tony Bancroft who also has a Disney animation history.